If you’re thinking of buying new workwear or uniforms for your business, changing or upgrading your existing work uniforms, here are five top tips to help you make the right choice.

Workwear is part of your company image

Your employees’ work uniforms project an important message about your company. Depending on the nature of your business, your staff may be the first visual contact the public has with your enterprise, so it’s important you make a good impression.

If your company has a distinct brand colour, one that you use in your marketing, then try and reflect this in your workwear by using the same colour for the uniform itself, or included in your slogan, company message, or logo. Sounds simple and it is. A colour-coded approach can help instil confidence in your customers and make your business look more professional.

Practical as well as smart

As desirable as it is to have nice looking uniforms for your staff, the workwear serves a practical purpose and has to be functional as well. Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one design of uniform may not be suitable for all employees in different departments. Give this some serious thought and make sure the uniforms reflect the work your people do. Some workers may need knee pads, extra pockets, and reflective strips for high visibility. Others may need just a couple of pockets and lighter workwear, especially if they’re based in reception rather than in the workshop, or working outdoors.

Consult your staff before you buy

Ensuring that your employees have the appropriate kind of workwear for the job is often a health and safety issue, and all responsible employers will take this aspect seriously. That said, try and avoid simply ordering what you think your employees need without consulting them first.

If staff see they have a say in the choice of uniform, they’ll feel more involved and more positive about the process. Get in a few samples for staff to see or try out, and try and reach a general consensus on the final choice. This way, the decision making process may take longer than usual, but this simple exercise alone can be great for morale.

Go for quality every time

It’s always better to pay that bit more for quality than trying to save by buying cheaper garments that are also more likely to be inferior. Not only will the higher quality workwear look better, they’ll be more durable as well. In the end, you’ll actually save money because you won’t need to replace worn out workwear as often as you would if you bought the cheapest kind available.

Jaded, faded, and worn workwear does not project the kind of professional image you need, and your staff will feel better about themselves wearing smarter uniforms that look good and fit well. Get samples, if possible, and check key areas, such as the seams and zips, for the quality of the finish. Take the same approach as you would if you were buying a new garment for your own use and wanted it to look good, and last.

Think ahead and buy in bulk

Another way of saving money without compromising on quality, is to buy workwear in bulk. The bigger the order you place at the outset, the more likely it is that you can negotiate a better price. Any supplier worth their salt will be happy to negotiate on price for bigger orders. Once you’ve decided on the colour and any branding, the design of your workwear is unlikely to change over time, so you can afford to stock up on a range of sizes and order in larger quantities.

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