school uniforms

The issue of school uniforms is a hot subject at the moment. While a small number argue uniforms stifle individuality, are boring, and have no bearing on the learning process, the vast majority of parents and learning providers see uniforms in a completely different light and see the many advantages uniforms bring to the learning process and the development of young adults.

school uniform

School uniforms are thought to have originated in 16th century Tudor England. The idea quickly caught on, and many other countries followed suit…or should that be, followed uniform!

It’s a fact, today’s young are highly fashion conscience, and take pride in their appearance. It’s also a fact that peer pressure and social imbalance can affect a student’s ability to focus on learning. In other words, uniforms level the playing field…negate that competitive edge and create an ambience more contusive to the job in hand…learning and achieving.

School uniforms, for some, may conjure up images of drab, uncomfortable clothing from the dark and gloomy days of workhouse, Victorian England….but not at all, to the contrary in fact. Today’s school uniform manufacturers are very much aware of today’s fashion trends, at what looks and feels good, and have cut their cloth accordingly.

school uniforms

Today, things have moved on; school uniforms bear no relationship with the uniforms of the past. Yesteryear, students associated wearing a school uniform with fashion suicide – totally uncool…but perceptions have changed.

School uniforms need to not only look good, they need to stand up to the daily rigours of school life, and be comfortable.  We are confident at Essential Schoolwear that our School uniform collection represents the best style and value available in the school uniforms market today. Contact us for uniform samples or if your school is close, you are welcome to visit our schoolwear factory showroom

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