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It’s sometimes disregarded as old fashioned, but the rule of dressing for the job you want, not the job you have holds true. In business, a well-presented and confident individual is perceived as more capable, dedicated and ambitious than others, so your fashion choice really can help you up that career ladder.

Start with the basics. A few core wardrobe pieces as staples to build upon are crucial, and it’s worth splurging a little in order to make sure you have something good quality that will last. Tailored pieces never go out of fashion – think pencil skirts/suit jackets for the ladies and classic suits for men. Look to your business idols for a little inspiration if necessary, and then build your own unique style from there.
Savoy Jacket

Our Skopes Savoy jacket is a perfect example of a classic piece to add to your wardrobe
Keeping to dark colours lends itself to a classic and elegant look, and rarely looks out of place for men or women. It’s always best to remember that as much as your fashion choice can, and does, help your career, it should never be a distraction from your actual work. Professionalism should always be your priority.

Of course, you don’t have to look like you’re attending a funeral either. Being clever with accessories to add pops of colour can really pull together an outfit and make you quietly stand out from the crowd, without being too obvious. A chunky necklace, some bright heels or a classy tie for the gents can do wonders. Your use of accessories is really where you can let your personality shine through, so think carefully!

smartly dressed professional woman

It must always be remembered that these tips are general. When starting a new job or looking for a change in career, do a little research to find out about the company culture and what is acceptable or required in the dress code. For example, some companies now heavily discourage men wearing ties, as they feel their restrictive nature can have a negative effect on productivity. Other companies may be very relaxed in regards to modesty, tattoos or exotic hairstyles, while others seek a more conservative look. On the whole, the best bet is to play it safe until you’re sure your fashion choice will go down well, because after all, it’s not just experience and skills that assist you in moving up the ladder at work; image and presentation is vital.

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