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At Workwear Essentials we offer a bespoke embroidery service which allows businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of their staff wearing high quality branded clothing. Here we take a look at the many advantages branded work clothing can have for your business.


Customer Service

The most important part of any business is building the right customer perception of your brand and one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to do this is with a professional branded staff uniform.

Not only does a branded uniform look great, it will instill trust in customers as they can easily recognise your staff, which helps build an approachable and trusted relationship. If a customer needs assistance there is nothing worse than having to second guess who is a member of staff, with branded professional clothing it makes staff easy to spot and therefore more available to customers.

Also, for businesses that requires staff to visit customer’s homes such as builders, electricians and cleaners, it is important that customers feel secure and comfortable when inviting people into their home. Having a branded uniform allows you to offer customers the trust and peace of mind they need when opening their door to a member of your staff. This is especially important for more vulnerable customers, such as old people living on their own, it may only be a small thing to add a logo to a T-shirt but to a customer it could be the difference between using your service again or not.

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Brand Recognition

Marketing is a major part of every business, building a recognisable brand which people associate with a positive and trusted reputation can take a long time to achieve. People are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company they have heard of or seen before, branded staff clothing is a small but necessary step to building your company’s brand and reputation.

Whether you choose to brand your clothing with your business name, logo, or both it is a great way for your staff to be seen by potential customers, creating a walking banner add for your business. Also if someone sees your staff at work wearing their company branded clothing, in future if they happen to require your product or service and are looking for a business to go with they are more likely to choose a brand they have already heard of or seen.

Equally existing customers who see your staff out and about can be reminded that they need to purchase your product or services, encouraging them to make further transactions with your business.


 Staff Benefits

Providing your staff with a branded work uniform gives them a sense of unity and camaraderie. All staff wearing the same clothing creates more of a team environment, as well as creating a staff identity, which not only projects your brand but your company spirit.

Branded uniforms are a great way to make your staff feel like they are part of more than just a business and will keep an equality throughout the staff as everyone will be dressed the same.

Allowing staff to become brand ambassadors for the business will create a greater sense of professionalism and awareness. If staff are aware they are in an easily recognised uniform with your brand logo it will help them to be more conscious of their actions, work to fulfill the businesses expectations and do their best to create a good impression of the company.

Team of mechanics

 Ideas For Using Your Branded Clothing

Branded clothing doesn’t just have to be used for general work uniforms, there are other ways you can use the advantages of branded clothing to help your business.

A great way you can use clothing to boost brand recognition is by offering company giveaways or competitions which include branded clothing. This means you can give customers t-shirts or hoodies which feature your company logo which will boost your brand when they are seen wearing them.

Another great way our branded clothing services can help your business is to promote certain offers you are running, for example if you are running a 20% discount off a certain product for a length of time you can get this put on to a branded item of clothing to advertise the offer to your customers.

Facebook branded Tshirt

Adding a logo or brand name to your company’s clothing offers so many simple but effective benefits. For more information on our embroidery service, which allows us to add any logo design or branding to your chosen uniform, visit our website where we have more information on pricing and a large selection of professional workwear for your staff.



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